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Round Needle Tin

We found Barney and couldn't resist him, so now he is sitting on a 2" round needl tin after being enhanced with paint and glitter and vivid crystal eyes.  There is ribbon trim on the lid and a magnet inside (pinned with a tiny black bat) ready to hold needles.  A fun accessory for Fall!


 RNT1 Barney Owl Needle Tin
Barney Owl Needle Tin

RNT1 Barney Owl Tin Open
Barney Owl Needle Tin Open



Just Nan designed and created PullWare to offer beautiful hardware for bell pull stitched pieces. These pieces are now in very short supply and are available only as long as our supplies last.

Just Nan PW01 Floral Ribbons PullWare
 PW01P • Floral Ribbons • Pewter
Opening: 3¾" or 9.8cm

Just Nan PW02 Songbird Pullware • Gold
PW02G • Songbird • Gold
Opening: 4" or 10.2cm

 Just Nan PW02 Songbird PullWare • Pewter
PW02P • Songbird • Pewter
Opening: 4" or 10.2cm



 Just Nan Vintage White Honeycomb PullWare with Dangle
PW03VW • Honeycomb
Vintage White with Dangle
Opening: 4¼" or 10.8cm