Just Nan counted thread and cross stitch designs



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Just Nan offers a variety of accessories to enhance your stitching experience.  Each item is carefully chosen or created by Nan for her own personal use in the hope that you will like it too!


  • Just Nan Charms for Counted Thread Cross Stitch
    Unique charms from Just Nan for counted thread cross stitch designs and patterns and jewelry. Our charms meet high quality standards for workmanship and safety. Each is designed to affix to a cross stitch piece, many are hand painted toaccent our designs.
  • Decorated Needle Slides from Just Nan
    These adorable small tin boxes with sliding top are decorated with pretty artwork. Each tin contains a high quality magnet to hold your pins in place while travelling or stitching.
  • General Accessories from Just Nan for Counted Thread Cross Stitch Projects & Home Decor
    Just Nan provides a distinctive array of accessories for specialty projects and designs. We look for (and sometimes create) unusual items to complement specific needlework designs. These can include frames for mounting cross stitch needlework projects, pretty tins or special bell pull hardware. You never know what you'll find here!