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Stitcher's Newsletter - April 2023



 JN331 - Lady in Red MOAT IV
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Lady in Red Mouse • MOAT IV

Lady in Red Mouse is fourth in the Mouse on a Tin Limited Edition Series. She is ready for Spring in a beautiful costume featuring 8 ladybugs, greenery, and pretty red and pink flowers. Red and gold crystal beads add sparkling accents. Her red flower hat is pinned in place with burgundy and gold pearls, and please notice that even her tail is red!

All mice in this series will be magnetized!  We have glued a strong gold magnet to the back of our signature button base.  When finished, the mouse will sit firmly on the tin, even if held upside down.  Really!

The tin measures 2” in diameter.  The label on the top of the tin features a circular garden of red flowers and green leaves dotted with tiny red and yellow ladybugs. The rim is decorated with red satin scallop trim.

A tiny (just 1 ¼” square) frayed edge Lady in Red Needlebook fits inside the tin. A bright red border encloses pink flowers in the corners and a large red flower in the center. A glass ladybug bead sits in the center. Red felt on the back holds 1 or 2 needles inserted on the diagonal. 

Mouse and Needlebook are stitched on 32 CT Weeks “Linen” Linen (same as the first two mice in the series).  It is important to use this count of linen so that everything fits. 

Design area for the mouse is 29H X 57W, design area for the needlebook is 19H X 19W.

The kit includes color cover and all instructions for stitching and finishing plus the decorated tin, red tail, beads, burgundy pearl, flower bead, gold pearl, glass ladybug bead, red felt and the magnetized button for the base.  Stitcher will need to provide 2’ X 2” fusible interfacing for the needlebook, stuffing for the mouse and a straight pin.




 JN332 Pansy Flower Cushion
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JN 332
Pansy Flower Cushion

Our latest Petite Flower Cushion features a pansy with gorgeous petals and the sweetest pansy face surrounded with dainty pink beaded flowers and a lacy border dotted with blue violet beads. A yellow sequin flower forms the center and pansy buds decorate the corners.  Add pins of your choice to the corners and side seams.

A “stitch it quickly” design worked with DMC on Weeks 32 CT Lilac Linen.  Design area is 2 ¼” square.  These little cushions make lovely gifts. 


Stitcher's Newsletter
April 2023
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