Just Nan counted thread and cross stitch designs



Just Nan Embellishments Policy

Just Nan embellishments (beads, charms, etc) are carefully packaged and included with the specific design for which they are intended. Extra embellishments packs are not available or sold separately. The contents of our embellishment packs are proprietary and under no circumstances released to outside sources. Most are imported, we go out of our way to provide special and interesting touches to our designs to make them unique to both you and us.

For earlier designs where the leaflet and embellishment pack were once separate purchases, Just Nan embellishment packs are no longer available separately from our leaflets. We are very low on supplies for many items and are forced to coordinate what remains with the leaflets we have available.

This policy results from one or more the following circumstances:

  • Manufacturer discontinued or significantly altered embellishment item
  • Manufacturer out of business - major reason!
  • Minumum purchase requirements too high - especially true for items over 2 years old.

We regret having to take this position, but we have no choice. Shops were advised of our circumstances in early 2008 and alerted several times since then to check their stock.

Contact this shop in the US for availability. She has some extra embellishment packs.

House of Stitches
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Internet Age Developments Affecting our Embellishments Policy

More recently, Eastern European and Chinese web sites encourage uploading of copyrighted needlework patterns and designs and profit from reselling them. This practice violates all international copyright agreements!

A Needlework Patrol Organization located in Europe, of which we are a member, monitors this activity everyday. It is costly and time consuming. We have had good success working with Eastern European craft and social websites; however, the Chinese sites continue to ignore our requests to respect our copyrights and continue to promote the illegal resale of all designers' copyrighted designs.

Given these unfortunate consequences of today's connected world, we find that limiting our embellishments to only those products we physically kit and distribute provides our only insurance and protection against this blatant shameful behavior.