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Just Nan was founded in 1991 by Nan Caldera when we were living in Tulsa, Oklahoma (and Nan was working at the Silver Needle needlework shop).  People often ask why Just Nan?  Because it's not Nancy, it's not Nanette, it's just Nan.

Our company is now located on St. Simons Island, Georgia, a barrier island off Georgia's southern Atlantic Coast. We (Nan, John, our supporting vendors and 2 cats) specialize in needlework design & publishing and creating products for the needlework industry.  Our work has taken us to many places and many countries to find just the right items. It's been a labor of love!

All our efforts concentrate in creating and publishing heirloom quality designs - those that your children will cherish!  To that end, our products use a variety of unusual embellishments and specialty items to make them unique.  Nan was an innovator in this field, creating design-specific embellishment packs along with promoting the use of specialty stitches in cross stitch patterns. Our stitching instructions, graphs and stitch diagrams are extremely clear and easy to follow.  Thus, while our designs may have the look of advanced stitching, they are relatively simple to follow and complete!

Every Just Nan design has been carefully crafted and stitched by Nan Caldera.  All cover photos on our leaflets are the explicit handwork of Nan, we don't use model stitchers.  If Nan stitches it, she knows exactly how to write the instructions. This enhances the value and provenance of our models and the quality of Nan's designs.

Finally, and this is important, Just Nan does not own or operate a retail needlework store. We do not compete with our customers - independent retail needlework shops. If you're looking for a reliable retail shop to purchase our products or needlework supplies, please consult our Shop List by clicking on the Where To Buy button on the left panel.