Just Nan counted thread and cross stitch designs



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  • Just Nan Biscornus for Counted Thread Cross Stitch Needlework
    BISCORNUS • Just Nan Biscornus are a delightful addition to any decor. Beautiful designs and complete finishing instructions allow you to easily construct a lovely piece of heirloom artwork for your home. You can add pretty pins or charms to the finished project. Visit our Accessories section to see just some of the options.
  • Just Nan Humbug Designs for Counted Thread Cross Stitch Needlework
    HUMBUGS • Fun constructed design shapes adapted by Just Nan to mimic the shape of English hard candies called "humbugs"! Each of our Humbug designs comes with complete hand sewing finishing instructions. A quick snappy project that will enchant all who see them. Add a coordinated pin or embellishment to complete the total look!
  • Just Nan Cubes & Shapes Designs for Counted Thread Cross Stitch Needlework
    CUBES & SHAPES • We've got little birdsand pincushion cubes and a very special puzzle ball. No telling what is next! Clever cross stitch designs formed into charming shapes or cubes you can display with pride. They are little works of art! Each Just Nan constructed design comes with complete stitching and finishing instructions. All projects are hand sewn, no machines required!
  • Just Nan Pocket Designs for Counted Thread Cross Stitch Needlework
    POCKETS • Who doesn't need an extra pocket to store that special stitching item? These unique designs from Just Nan are beautiful additions to your needlework collection. The pockets on this page are designed to hold Vintage Winders or special charms.