Just Nan counted thread and cross stitch designs



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Look for the needle in each sampler verse!

 JN024 Just Nan Silver Needle • ©1994, Nan Caldera
JN024 • Silver Needle

 JN035 Just Nan With My Needle • ©1996, Nan Caldera
JN035 • With My Needle

 JN043 Just Nan Song of the Needle • ©1997, Nan Caldera
JN043 • Song of the Needle


 JN045 Noah's Needle • ©1997, Nan Caldera
JN045 • Noah's Needle

 JN056 Follow The Needle • ©1999, Nan Caldera
JN056 • Follow The Needle

 JN067 NeedleStory • ©2000, Nan Caldera
JN067 • NeedleStory




 JN114 Needle In A Garden • ©2003, Just Nan, Inc., by Nan Caldera
JN115 • Needle In A Garden

JN171 Queen of the Needle • ©2007, Nan Caldera 
JN171 • Queen of the Needle
Sold Out

 JN272 Rhyme & Reasons
JN272 • Rhyme & Reasons